A Joyful Exploration of the embodied voice

In this 3-hr workshop, we will explore the voice using traditional yoga asana (postures), therapy ball rolling, breath awareness, visualization, meditation, restorative yoga, sounding, and singing. The aim of the workshop is to empower and inspire you to sing freely and with your own full expression, gaining more awareness of the connection between your breath, voice, and body. We will explore the subtle balance of power and surrender, creating a deeper understanding of your individual voice, leading to an increased somatic awareness. Attention will be paid individually as we have different instruments and therefore require different tools to thrive. This workshop is for all levels of experience and for all those who want to explore their singing voices!


Oct. 9th: Sooke Yoga, Sooke, BC - 630PM - 930PM

Oct. 12th: Medicine Nest, Victoria, BC - 6PM - 9PM

Oct. 13th: OmTown Yoga, Nanaimo, BC - 1PM - 4PM

Oct. 14th: The Abbey, Cumberland, BC - 630PM - 930PM

Oct. 16th: The Yurt, Salt Spring Centre for Yoga, Salt Spring Island, BC - 6PM- 9PM

Oct. 18th: OM Studio, Manson's Landing, Cortes Island - 630PM - 930PM

Oct. 20th: Yoga Spirit & Wellness, Burnaby, BC - 130PM -430PM

Oct. 21st: Unity Yoga Teahouse, Vancouver, BC - 130PM - 430PM

Oct. 27th: Inspire Yoga, Bellingham, WA - 130PM - 430PM

Oct. 28th: Mystic Monkey Yoga, Port Townsend, WA - 1230PM - 330PM

Oct. 30th: The Ambiguary, Bellingham, WA - 630PM - 930PM

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